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Booking Press Releases

At PR Agent, you can publish your press releases in Germany to gain further attention and achieve optimized rankings in a current environment.

New press releases are manually published at to ensure the best possible presentation.

Booking Press Releases

Your added value when booking a press release:

1. Optimized formatting including photos, image galleries and videos. ✔
2. Professional proofreading for text readability, including corrections. ✔
3. Attention through our connection as a news source to search engines and news apps. ✔
4. High-ranking of your outbound links through our well-maintained online magazine. ✔
5. Lifetime discoverability in search engines, news apps and social networks. ✔

Current prices for press releases (as of January 2024):

1. Price on request only – each press release with guaranteed added value.
2. For more than 10 press releases, we will provide you with a personalized offer.
3. See hundreds of current examples under Press Releases.

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